Angus McGruther

Angus McGruther


When I was in high school in Australia I began to learn German. I also learned to play the flute. Not an easy language, neither an easy instrument. Both were, let’s say, ‚unconventional‘. Both kind of uncool. When I told people I played the flute, they would react with a chuckle or a raised eyebrow. When I told them I was taking extra classes in German, it was the same reaction, often accompanied by a perplexed „But why?“

I now live in Berlin, and recently I attended the concert of one of my favourite Australian singers who was touring Europe. He is the embodiment of cool. Scruffy long surfers hair, baggy clothes, remarkable good looks and a voice to die for. Half way through the show he pulls out a flute, and plays an enchanting solo, which kept me mesmerised for the rest of the night. That was the moment I had to laugh and (almost) cry at the same time. I was exactly where I was meant to be.


Angus McGruther, geboren 1985 in Sydney