Mala Ghedia

Mala Ghedia


It was 2012. My son was 18-months old and I was one day away from giving birth to my daughter. I felt as big as an elephant!

We took our son to the zoo for the first time.
He knew most of the zoo animals from his picture-books but because he could only speak a few words at that stage, he usually communicated them onomatopoeically – lions: „raaaah“, snakes „ssssss“, monkeys „ooo eee aah aah“- you get the picture.

Today was the first time he saw his favourite animal for real! Oh, his excitement, fascination and utter disbelief  that these ginormous creatures – which until now he only ever saw in picture-books  – actually existed in flesh and blood!

He couldn’t speak but he ran ecstatically towards them, finger pointing, trumpeting like his beloved elephants, beckoning me, his heavily pregnant mother (who also sauntered like said mammal) to come quickly and see these amazing creatures!

It was the most joyous and wondrous thing to experience. It felt like I too saw elephants for the first time that day. Through my 18-month old son’s eyes.


Mala Ghedia, geboren 1976 in Leeton, Australien